Everimaging Beautune v1.0.1 Free Download with Activation Key


 Everimaging Beautune v1.0.1 Free Download with Activation Key


Maybe it has happened to you that you want to retouch your photos and fix the imperfections on your face, but because you are not familiar with photo editing software such as Photoshop, you have not been able to do this. BeautuneIt is a useful and easy software specially designed for editing face images (portraits). This app allows you to customize the face, eyes and mouth by providing you with a wide range of tools. Retouching, smoothing your face and removing wrinkles from your face fully automatically are among the capabilities of this software. You can also use its tools to whiten your teeth and redden your lips. Without needing to have any skills in the field of photo retouching, you can use this software to easily use its wonderful tools to remove stains, remove pimples, remove red eyes, complete face makeup and retouch it.

Key features of Beautune software

  • automatic editing and retouching of face images
  • removing wrinkles and pimples from the face
  • coloring lips and brightening teeth
  • with a very easy user interface
  • no need to have any skills in the field Editing and retouching images
  • compatible with different versions of Windows

Beautune v1.0.1 65 MB

Password : www.educativebikash.com

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